I did it. I made new OOC.

You can find it here. It’s more of a personal for a variety of things I like {mostly cartoons snort}. I’m not sure what I’ll use this blog for; maybe mainly fandom art? I’m not sure. Get back to me soon.

I think I might make a new OOC blog soon. More of a personal one.

I just really wish I could follow people from this one and stuff. A mistake on my part from the start, gaah.


Oh no, my parapine feels are tingling

you make me touch your hands for stupid reasons






drools a lot at the sonic boom teaser and makes grabby hands

to axolotl lovers / potential purchasers

Be! Really! Careful! When you purchase your baby axie!!

This is really really important because people around where I live have been scooping up salamander babies from rivers and selling them to people as axolotls. Salamander babies and wild type axolotl babies look super similar!

Axolotls and salamanders require different care- which means having to buy all kinds of different, expensive things (we must have spent well over $150-200) all together- and not only that, but the survival rate for land-morphing salamanders is pretty dang low!

The seller showing you pictures of the alleged ‘parents’ is NOT enough. You need to really learn about where you’re getting your babies from. Watch out for how the seller handles the animal! Those can be huge red flags!

Some people may look at this and think it’s not a big deal but it’s a really big deal to people who love and respect animals. I was so devastated when my baby died after a month of hard work trying to keep him healthy and I don’t want the same to happen to anybody, especially small children! 

I just wanted to post this because I found out today from some pet store folks that more people have been scammed recently and it’s just awful. Just be really careful if you’re choosing out an axolotl; particularly just if they’re very small, smaller than your finger. Best of luck friends!


me at the dinner table

knuxmun said: HEART EMOTE NO ONE HATES YOU Shshhshhhh //tackles

a-bitter-resentment said: Nyuu! We will always love you bubuu! <3 *hugs*

neometalfaggot said: we still love u fool *squeeshes*

avianondillos said: I do not hate you. C’mere friend, let me give you a hug.

vjlvj you all are nice ;v;

I dunno why I worry so much vljflv ;~;  you all are grand


I need to post on my tumblr blogs soon.. my muses have escaped me for the present time however.

I’m just afraid everyone’s gonna hate me for vanishing for a while gnngn


i like an au where randy joins oozma kappa before roar omega roar
i have a whole plotline for it
have a gross mousedrawn badly animated gif of him
it’s for my little ask blog that is currently in the process of being made

ughugh loka thats so cute